lunch with the gnomes


lunch with chris, gretchen and jake started out cool and just got cooler. chris got a 3650. everyone loves their 3650s. i should get one but my tanager is smaller and i love it. he took a pic of me and blogged it to his new photo blog right from the table. an auspicious start. we spent a while talking about the great things we can do from our mobile devices. i showed off my smartphone a little. chris told me all about his brain trust, and even tho i can’t afford it, i like it. i hope one day i can join, or at least license the backend for a project of my own. then we got to talking about the major media. i told him how beth said that this year the story is all about blogging, but by next year everyone will be doing it so it won’t be news anymore. jake pointed out that since we care about it this year, that next year the story will be RSS. i have to agree. chris and jake are gonna put together some seminars about how email is dead and RSS is the future for things like keeping your customers informed. i hope they’re right. one thing we all agreed on is that ALL our devices and ‘puters should know what channels we’ve subscribed to and which bits we have and haven’t read from them. we also need more readers for mobile devices, and Jake was able to come up with pocket rss as an example for the ppc. awww yah. we all are very excited about feed demon for the pc and we hope that chris can convince someone to keep our subs database “in the cloud” so that we can do this in a more mobile fashion.


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