a fine day


i couldn’t have asked for a better sunday, as if sundays weren’t awesome enough. i woke up and it was already sunny and pretty warm. i decided i’d walk to get some good coffee down on haight street and see what was up in golden gate park. on the way down, i realized it was bay to breakers today. when i got to fell st, the race was in full swing through this part of town. calling bay to breakers a race is totaly a misnomer, the race part is over in less than half an hour. it’s really more like the longest kookiest parade ever- a little over 7 miles and everything goes. more people, more kookiness and more fun than gay pride. on fell street we kinda hung around met some people and mac got lots of attention. we went to get coffee, walked through the panhandle and into golden gate park, where i swear every other person stopped to pet mac or talk to me about him. if was great, but nothin was gonna come of any of it and eventually mac got tired so we went home after a few hours.

it was only noon, so i decided to cool off, drink some water and do a little work. i was loading some yummy new bits on my gadgets when x called. we haven’t talked in months. she wanted to come up to the city, so we met for coffee in the castro. in the castro of all places! we had a great chat, caught up, and started walking around. next thing you know we’re walking by dolores park when i see “tranny picnic ahead” chalked on the sidewalk. well what could be better for x? so we went. turns out a bunch of her acquaintances were there, and i met them all. x’s surgeries seem to be working better than most of her pals. all of them thought i was x’s boyfriend. awwwww. we walked some more, parted ways and i got a brownie.

i got home, did a little more work and cheri came by to go to dinner with the blowfish gang. we went to limon. 6 of us gorging on peruvian yumminess. mmmmm. lotsa good food and good laughs. who could ask for a better day?


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