good news


it’s been an amazing week so far, weather wise, but today it is cooling down. i wanted to take advantage of the great weather, so on monday i checked out the wireless cafe map and decided to head down to canvas- i figured i could get some work done, and tan in the park when i could go offline. i was really productive when i first got there, but then the sun started tempting me. but how was i to work outside when i can’t read my laptop screen in the sun? my pocket pc! ding! i had brought my ppc with because i was workin on a new ppc project and realized i could use that to continue writing while hangin out in the bright sunshine. i like my ppc again, but i really need to get a thumb keyboard for it.

i’m also totally excited because i get to post on now. i’m not sure if i’ll cross post all my moblog stuff here, or if i’ll just leave it there and keep this for my personal thoughts and experiences. in the meantime, i’ve gone through ALL my archives to be sure that all the resources i’ve discovered will be available on that site instead of just buried in my useless archives.


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