can u believe it?


cingular has always been behind the times when it comes to understanding data services. for the longest time they refused to reveal their gprs apn and settings to their own subscribers claiming it was confidential information, despite the fact that only cingular subscribers can use cingular gprs because their sim number has to be added to the gprs table (database) first.

now with a little bit of wrangling, you can get cingular’s gprs settings and my smartphone and ppc are happily on cingular’s data network. but then today i tried to set up a moblog for my smartphone, so that i could practice what i preach. i always had problem sending mail before, but i thought it was user error, until i started using exchange activesync, when i learned that i COULD send mail from my mobile device. so i spent today trying to send mail from my personal account only to find out that cingular blocks all smtp calls (port 25) on their gprs network, AND they don’t offer an smtp server of their own. which means that there is NO WAY to send mail from a traditional email client over cingular’s network. THIS SUCKS. it also means the only way i can moblog is either by using my work (exchange) account (a scary thought), or by sms -> email (which means i can blog about 12 words at a time) unless there is a moblog service that accepts sms directly. know of one?

update! it turns it was user error. see “eating my words” for my admission of stupidity.


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