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i visited seattle very quickly this weekend. while there beth, pt, and i did a bit of shopping. pt got like a $3000 super dressy getup for like 1400 bux thanks to a one-off sale at barneys. i got an iSight. it sat in a box until i had the energy to set it up […]

slippery slope


i gave in. after a month of vascillating i finally bought my first song at the itunes music store. i couldn’t help it. this very bad song has been caught in my head, and since it’s new and totally catchy i thought it would be the perfect way to check out the place. the only […]

5 shower day


yes, that’s right. yesterday and today we finally got the heatwave that we normally get in the beginning of june. i don’t know why it came at the end of the month this year, but today was the worst of it. i guess the high was just above 90 here in the city, which i […]

the burbs


poor nigel, he had a work emergency yesterday and missed out on free sushi. of course to get said free sushi, me, dan and cheri had to go down to san jose. in theory, san jose is great. it’s 50 miles south of sf, but it has its own industries and companies. it’s warmer and […]

nigel got tix for us to go see cinematic orchestra at bembo’s last night. i was pretty embarrassed since i had never heard them but i was gonna go anyway, since nigel has great friggin taste in music. it turns out the they were *amazing*. they’re pretty much exactly what their name says. it’s a […]

even without dave grohl, audioslave still RAWKs. even WITH pharell and the neptunes, the jigga still blows. nothing can save him.

i love my friends, and yes there have been some notable exceptions, but for the most part i have not fit into the weddings i’ve attended. why do i bring this up today? tonight i got an i.m. from a friend in seattle whose wedding i will be attending in a few weeks. the bride […]