the burbs


poor nigel, he had a work emergency yesterday and missed out on free sushi. of course to get said free sushi, me, dan and cheri had to go down to san jose. in theory, san jose is great. it’s 50 miles south of sf, but it has its own industries and companies. it’s warmer and sunnier. it has plenty of stores, and now it’s even getting branches of some of SF’s coolest restaurants. plus it has the sharks (hockey) and the earthquakes (soccer, with landon donovan!!). but i hate san jose.

see everything there is HUGE– or over the top. i believe that humans, like most simpler animals, grow to fit the space around them. they also feel most comfortable in an environment suited to their size. i don’t know how, growing up in the midwest, i managed to to be so small. my cousins, who come from equally short genes but grew up in texas all tower over me. the people in san jose make me feel like a dwarf. the buff guys all take huge to a whole ‘nother level, one which you just don’t see in SF. the women and men are all half a foot taller than me if they’re white, and *at least* my height if they’re asian. all the buildings are huge too. they’re like big giant overstuffed versions of the buildings i see and go in every day.

and geez talk about over the top. we went to the new blowfish sushi, which is in this high end shopping and residential development (on a fuckin street of strip malls) called sanatana row. everyone there was so friggin into their money, and the whole place knew it. the super high end auto dealers had hummers and ferraris parked in front of all the stores for people to check out. the restaurants were all checkin your bank balance before you went in. it was just oppressive.

dan and i couldn’t leave quick enough.


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