5 shower day


yes, that’s right. yesterday and today we finally got the heatwave that we normally get in the beginning of june. i don’t know why it came at the end of the month this year, but today was the worst of it. i guess the high was just above 90 here in the city, which i realize is probably pleasant for the rest of the world since we don’t have a humidity problem, but when the weather rarely gets above 65, 90 is a freakin OVEN.

so yes, i did everything i could to stay cool. i kept the curtains closed, i didn’t turn on anything that put out heat except for the imac, and it got hot enough that the fan inside actually came on. that’s NEVER happened before. but still this was not enough. so i took a few showers. over the course of the morning. then i had to go downtown to get wes and chenelle’s present, which i conveniently used as an excuse to get the best haircut ever. instead of telling the guy “high and tight”, i said “do whatever is best” and yes, it is much better than the usual. even brian agrees. if perry agrees, we know we have a hit on our hands.

i rode my motorcycle downtown and in honor of the weather, i wore the firewood jacket. all i can despite the fact that it’s perforated, that thing is boiling hot. it’s too tight, no room to let the air circulate. so when i got back home of course i needed another shower. i went to kickboxing and yes needed another shower. DAMN. thankfully the weather is cooling down a bit and i’ll be able to stay cool for the rest of the night.


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