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i wanted this blog to look right. so i just went through every post i’ve ever written and moved the old shanty manual title to the new official title field. while i was doing this i had the chance to read all my posts. i did correct some spelling errors, and i even changed joi […]

i finally did it. my blog now lives on TypePad, which is a movable type based host. i’ll be redesigning, adding features and generally buffing up over the next food days. so expect some fun changes. in the mean time, i’m busy lookin for some new diggs and a little more work in real life. […]

if rahzel is the godfather of noise, last night i saw his children. lauren and her boys got me out to SF’s first beatbox battle. it was AMAZING. it was only 7 dudes because apparently alot of the good talent is under 21. but they all perform at the exit theatre on the first tuesday […]

did i say new blog? YEP. i’m getting my ass in gear and will be switching to typed pad pretty damn soon. all i gotta do is find a way to get all these entries over there. anyway once i do, i’m going to start keeping a few running lists: things to listen to, things […]

go make a cup of coffee with no intention of cleaning. realize your favorite coffee mugs are both dirty. wash the coffee mugs, then wash the rest of the dishes in the sink since you’re there. the sponge is in your hand so wipe down all the counters. there’s a stray pan over there better […]

today is the day i finally got my ass off the couch in a spare moment and sorted through my closet shelf. this is the one place where i have shoved all the stuff i thought i should keep but never really use. for instance all my samples of the design work i’ve done. also […]

IDM week


weds was nigel’s birthday, as part of the celebration, we went to see squarepusher. he kicked ass. the first set he was rockin a 12″ powerbook. the second set he had a midi-fied bass guitar plugged into a vaio lappy. why does this matter? it really doesn’t except that both sets were danceable, rockin and […]