friendster has now gotten too big for its own good and has to try and load 3 or 4 times before you can actually see the page you went to.

there’s a chrysler 4th of july sale commercial where some chick calls the cars “new products.” new products? this is what happens when m.b.a.s think they know more about advertising than ad agencies.

i’m thinkin about giving up on windows mobile stuff altogether and just getting a color sidekick. i barely talk on the phone anymore. all i want is a way to IM, get my email, and moblog. i’m still not totally committed to the idea because 1. i’d have to get a new phone number, 2. i hate t-mobiles “call 123” voice mail sms notifications, 3. voice still sux on the sidekick, and i still have to talk on the phone, 4. i’ll lose the camera attachment, 5. i don’t know about the whole not syncing back to a desktop pim thing yet.

how come EVERY white or light grey tshirt that i own has a few drips, be they coffee, soda or some sort of sauce in the same damn place (a kinda diagonal line between my sternum and belly button)? what do i do about this (other than give them away to goodwill)? this is why i don’t buy light colored shirts.


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