how awesome is this?


so i got the email yesterday, there was gonna be a flash mob in san francisco today. so today i’m hangin out with nigel’s pal richard who’s here for a few weeks on holiday. we meet his friend mark, who works at XYZ for lunch at le Zinc. we fully did the mediterannean 3 hour lunch, we even ate dessert. YUM. before we go our respective ways after lunch, i ask richard if he wants to join me for some kookiness in a few hours and expain flash mobs to him. he’s up for it.

we were gonna take the bus downtown but richard shows up at my house a little late, so we decide to take the vtr. richard is an excellent passanger, and i’m getting WAY more comfortable with another rider. we make it to one of the meetup points in plenty of time. the organizers have chosen 3 bars, and each is so full that people have to hang out outside. about 5 minutes after we show, the instructions are dropped off. we have 10 minutes to kill, so i show richard the new union square and then he drags me into this place called lush, where they sell absurd soaps and stuff.

we head down to the mob spot, the crosswalk on market street right at the powell cable car turn around. everyone piles in right on time. at 18:27 as soon as the crossing light turns green everyone steps down and starts spinning around (clockwise) on their way across market street, waving their hands in the air. the street is cleared by the time the light changes and the crazy cossing is repeated about 15 times over 10 minutes. when the appointed time comes, everyone scatters. the mob instantly disappears. i see one bystender try to find out what was going on. he nags at everyone walking away but everyone gives him a different answer. he was wonderfully confused.


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