i admit it, i’ve been cranky since i got canned. sure i went out and partied and had a good time, but i was cranky whenever i was alone. this weekend i finally achieved some sense of direction about my future, which has brought me a great deal of peace. i know this sounds all california and shit, but i’m also learning that the longer i live here, the more i am hopelessly infected with this place. so all is not well, but it is at least better–

better enough that when i took mac on a walk through golden gate park tonite, i was able to actually spend some tim just chillin in the park. i was rushing through our longer route when i got to this spot above arguello that smelled like maple syrup. i stopped, took in the smell, watched the fog roll over the richmond, and just stayed there til i was calm.

now that i have some direction, i’ve been able to apply to a ton of jobs. looking for jobs is actually kinda fun. in fact, the company that manages this blog is hiring, i applied for that position. yep, that and many other ones i probably have no hope of getting but will try for anyway. can’t make any goals if you never shoot.


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