when i was young, there was an xman, well really an x-woman called destiny. like most x-women of her day, her powers were fairly useless (like sprite, jubilee, harpy, etc.). her power was to see into the future, but she couldn’t do anything about it except for stand around and tell you what was about to happen. so during the big fights, just before someone might get hit she’d yell “look out” and either distract that xman or actually help him. she got shelved pretty quickly. anyway she was drawn basically as a glowing stick figure, the only reason i know she was a girl is because she a useless power. but because she was drawn as this stick figure obviously glowing from some kind of energy i thought her name was density, not destiny. it took me months to figure out my mistake.

why does this matter? because the other day i went to buy jeans and had to buy ones a couple inches smaller in the waist than usual, but today i got on the scale and i’ve managed to crack a buck fifty. so i’m not getting bigger (or at least fatter), but i weigh more, which must be something about density, right?


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