IDM week


weds was nigel’s birthday, as part of the celebration, we went to see squarepusher. he kicked ass. the first set he was rockin a 12″ powerbook. the second set he had a midi-fied bass guitar plugged into a vaio lappy. why does this matter? it really doesn’t except that both sets were danceable, rockin and funky. in short, the krunk. last night we saw u-ziq at bottom of the hill of all places. he too was rockin the powerbook. in fact, now pretty much every electronic artist i see rocks the powerbook. which led me to think, what would happen to the music i listen to if apple suddenly went away. for now apple’s around and the music makes me VERY happy.

my hair is shaggy-ass long right now, at least for me. i haven’t touched it since i got the best freshie ever for wes and chenelle’s wedding. when i chatted with brian and joe the other day they were shocked at how much haiir i had. it’s kinda funny since i still don’t have all that much. but i’m takin care of it and trying to grow it out to see if a pro can actually do something with it.


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