the backup of my life


today is the day i finally got my ass off the couch in a spare moment and sorted through my closet shelf. this is the one place where i have shoved all the stuff i thought i should keep but never really use. for instance all my samples of the design work i’ve done. also up there were all the disks i’ve kept as a backup of files since 1991. yep that’s right. every paper i wrote as a junior or senior, all my grad school research and design coursework, every design project i’ve felt worthy of backup, and tons of fonts. the craziest part is it’s all on media i can’t even use anymore: (in chronological order) 3 1/2 inch floppies, a 44 mb syquest disk (no really), and a bunch of 100 mb zips. i backed up the important stuff off the zips to cd a year or so ago, but haven’t been able to do anything with the floppies or worse, the syquest. i’m sure i won’t ever need any of that stuff again, but still i carry it around with me, and in all in obsolete useless formats. i read about some microsoft research project, i think it’s called life view. it’s basicall a server designed to store all this stuff for one person in some accessible way. in some ways i think that would be really cool, on the other hand, i’m happy that the past remains the past. sorting thru all this junk, clearing out the past is always so cathartic. you get to start over. how refreshing.

after sorting the crap out of my room, i also learned i had far fewer obsolete gadgets than i thought i did. i only have like 6 or 7 things to ebay. good thing i wanted to do that just so i could get rid of stuff, not so i could support myself during these tough times.


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