lists for the new blog


did i say new blog? YEP. i’m getting my ass in gear and will be switching to typed pad pretty damn soon. all i gotta do is find a way to get all these entries over there. anyway once i do, i’m going to start keeping a few running lists: things to listen to, things to read, things we need more/less of, and places to go eat/drink.

it all started because today i had to escape the clouds. so i hopped on the vtr and got my ass up to north beach. for those of you who aren’t from SF, north beach is not a place to surf, it’s little italy. the one thing you can say for the cultural ghettos of san francisco, they’re nothing if not authentic. last night kieth famie’s food adventure was to go to toronto, which i can tell you has nothing on us. here in north beach many of the people in their early 20s working in the restaurants are italian or were raised in both cultures. today i went to caffe roma to get an espresso, a panini and free wifi. but they were all out of panini, so i decided to take a detour to steps of rome for lunch. there, tables were full of interesting looking mixed background couples, the host / cashier was singing in italian, men were wearing fashionable well tailored trousers, F1 racing was on the tv and my panini was thin and grilled. i was transported to a sunny fall day on the autstrada just by going across the city. now i am enjoying my espresso and free wifi at the caffe while someone sings like joao gilberto in italian on the radio.


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