the grandchild of noise


if rahzel is the godfather of noise, last night i saw his children. lauren and her boys got me out to SF’s first beatbox battle. it was AMAZING. it was only 7 dudes because apparently alot of the good talent is under 21. but they all perform at the exit theatre on the first tuesday of the month, so i’m gettin my ass down there next week. anyway out of the dudes, one did this thing where he played a flute and beatboxed at the same time, it was cool, but the dude’s compositions were a little lame. the coolest one was this dude z-rox who did a 2 min. trance set. (it was a battle, you don’t get very long) no hip hop beats. that was wicked. another dude called i/o did the rahzel thing where he sang and beatboxed at the same time. and couple of the guys had so much bass that i thought they were gonna blow the speakers.

this friday nigel, gizmodo pete and i are goin to see some robot performance from seemen. that should be cool. then sunday i want to go to photek. funny how you go to one show and then the ball gets rolling.


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