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cold storage


last weekend friendster craig and mike went backpacking. when they got back, craig told me that on the way out, they were like “shit, we shoulda called eric.” which they shoulda, but which also made me think “oh yeah, my camping gear.” you see like 2 years ago hiking dave and jeff t borrowed all […]

totally gay!


not as in “dude, that’s totally gay!” but i guess in a way it is. today i caught up on bravo homo tv that i missed last night. i didn’t really thinnk much about it until james, the dude from boy meets boy said something about changing just one person’s mind about his right to […]

may wrote that she was highly annoyed at the number of times that apple products were mentioned by brand name in pattern recognition. but in part, that’s the point. everything is referred to by a brand name. there word prada must appear in the book 40 times as well, or buzz rickson- the obscure manufacturer […]

so get this, the t616 is GREAT, utterly fantastic at sending a picture email. (sha-mail? moblog?) it takes like 3 clicks and it’s off. however it is AWFUL at sending SMS. like absolutely terrible. composing the message is just as easy as on any other device, it’s addressing it that’s hard. dan wrote an excellent […]

i write in so many places now that i can barely find time to write for myself. that’s starting to make me sad. but it also tells me i need to adjust to a new life of writing about the things i care about. while i was working for microsoft, this blog was my outlet […]

i was perfectly happy buying one nixon watch every year. i love them. they make bomb proof watches with rock star style. but then i had to go and find this link on boing boing today.

in my initial comparison between the tanager and t616 i left out one factor important. in fact, i didn’t even consider it until today. i looked down at my t616 and realized that i’ve recharged it once since the day i bought it. i would have charged a tanager at least twice if not 3 […]