boxing helena


or, medical squirmyness

today i was walking mac to get a sandwich and we pass in front of the cal pacific medical center. in front, there is an older woman, a civilian, pushing another woman of approximately the same age in a wheelchair. the woman in the wheelchair has no legs, not even stumps of legs. i do everything i can to look normal, not stare or turn away in horror, but i cannot help myself. i’m in shock. i wonder about the woman’s quality of life, how she came to be this way, about the rude questions i bet people ask her, about the rude questions i would ask about her, and then i think of sherilyn fenn in boxing helena. i believe at some point she was amputated to the same degree.

prior to leaving for my lunch, i was listening to the latest this american life in which one of the bits is about parasites, it too creeped me out. and to top it all off, i’ve been watching nip/tuck which i must say is the new must see tv show of the summer. and in there they show these weird time elapsed scenes of supposed plastic surgeries, but really they’re just there to gross us out. i don’t understand why i can watch surgery in real life, but never on tv. it’s nastier on tv, believe me.


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