taking a beating


nothin bad has happened, it just hasn’t been my week. on sunday i came down with something that filled up my sinuses until about 4 pm yesterday. i got nothing done because the pressure was so distracting. i was sucking wind in kickboxing, i couldn’t eat, i couldn’t think. it stank. it went away just in time for kickboxing with craig. last night i learned that yoshi was right when he said craig has the sharpest shins in the biz. we were doin a ton of combos that involved roundhouses with non padded shins. craig made me hurt. then tonight, we did some similar stuff, and who was my partner? nate, the baseball bat. who is becoming a total badass. i hurt. not like sparring hurt, just sorta dull ache.

today, my first clear headed day all week, did i do anything productive? nope. i started out the morning catching up on all the web stuff i couldn’t read cuz my head was pounding for four days straight. about an hour into reading, i come across a fresh thread on wes’s site about the appointment of a gay bishop for new hampshire and quickly becoming a long list of me toos coming out against gay marriage (no pun intended, really). i started fuming, but instead of writing a flame, i wrote this really long well informed response, but still it sparked some serious debate that i wasted my day workin on. i guess it’s cool considering i don’t have to do any *real* work for another week or so.


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