biometric phones


the feature has a great piece about biometrics, primarily voice passwords, on mobile phones. outside the US phone theft has gotten pretty serious and with the advent of smartphones, many people fear having the valuable information on their cellphone stolen. screw voice passwords or pin codes or fingerprint readers, here’s what i propose: either smith and wesson or colt has been working on a security system for handguns. each weapon has a matching ring- in order to fire the weapon, the user must be wearing the ring on the hand holding the gun. the seems like an elegant solution to unlocking a phone. why? because if i want to use my phone, once i’ve picked it up, i want it to be ready to use. in the case of passwords, you have to pick up the phone, then unlock it. if you use this ring lock system, the phone will be unlocked as you grab it, so by the time you can look at it or speak into it, it is ready to use.


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