the t616


it turns out my posts from the feature beta site won’t be saved, so here’s what i wrote over there:

so i bought a t616 today, for an absurdly low price thanks to a ton of rebates from my carrier (cingular). i was in love right away. as for the bad stuff i’ve read about this model on the internet, the only thing i can agree with is that the screen has issues in bright sunlight. i can read incoming call screens and the like, but i can’t really frame pictures all that well in full cali sunlight.

i wanted to kill all ties to msft today, and my last bastian was a smartphone (running sp 2003) and all my contacts in there and outlook. i tried using missing sync for ppc to sync my smartphone to the mac, however since sp 2003 is not released yet, it is not supported (and doesn’t work at all. i looked for a way to export my contacts from outlook (which does NOT support vCard) to apple’s address book (which ONLY supports vCards). after a quick search on google, i turned up Outlook 2 Mac, $10 to move all your mail, appointments and contacts from outlook to the mac. after a quick test using the free trial, i splurged and about 1 minute later all my data was on a usb flash disk ready to move to the mac. less than 30 seconds of dragging and dropping on the mac and everything was in the right place.

Once everything was on the mac, i knew i could iSync it over to the t616. 2 clicks on the 616 and bluetooth was on. a few clicks through the bluetooth assistant on my imac and the 2 were paired up. go into iSync, add the t616, and click sync. DONE. all my contacts and calendar entries are on the t616 and backed up to my idisk. there are times when owning a mac makes life SO nice, this was one of them. apple just really puts the extra effort into making anything possible with as few clicks as necessary.


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  1. 1 marlof

    Does the T616 iSync conduit have the same limitation as on the T610: max 8 weeks of future appointments on your phone?

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