tanager vs. t616: 6 days later


in my initial comparison between the tanager and t616 i left out one factor important. in fact, i didn’t even consider it until today. i looked down at my t616 and realized that i’ve recharged it once since the day i bought it. i would have charged a tanager at least twice if not 3 times in this same span. although i will ONLY buy rechargeable products, i’m not big on recharging, in fact i usually don’t charge things until they’re on the last gasp of stored energy. the longer a device can go between charges, the happier i am. that’s one of the reasons why i’m happy with my 2G ipod even though there is a newer model- my generation had the longest battery life. so imagine how happy i am now that my new phone has at least 50% more battery life than my last one.


One Response to “tanager vs. t616: 6 days later”

  1. 1 justin

    I know your Tanager was running Smartphone 2003, but how’s the battery life compared to 2002? I was hoping that with the new WinCE core we’d see more advanced power-saving features.

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