cold storage


last weekend friendster craig and mike went backpacking. when they got back, craig told me that on the way out, they were like “shit, we shoulda called eric.” which they shoulda, but which also made me think “oh yeah, my camping gear.” you see like 2 years ago hiking dave and jeff t borrowed all my gear to go on a trip with nancy and josh. hiking dave moved home shortly after that and left my stuff with his friend joshua. at some point last year, i contacted joshua about getting my stuff back but there was chaos and nothing happened. well the day after i start wondering about where my stuff. both hiking dave and jeff find me on friendster. they hook me up with joshua and i wrote him an email to see if i could recover my stuff. today i got an email and it turns out joshua still has my shit and i can get it back from him. i’m so damn excited. one of the things that he has is my backpack “the bob.” it was a limited edition dana pack and i have missed it so much. i can’t wait to have its red and purple goodness back in my arms.


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