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when i was 11, actually. but this isn’t about that kind of stealing. it’s about what the riaa and mpaa call stealing. a blog entry about file sharing? no way! yah, i know, but it’s not a rant i swear! i was reading in wired about how this firm BayTSP monitors popular files on p2p […]

mouth agape


i have about 20 half finished posts waiting in a queue to be finished up and published. but this has to jump to the front of the line. on rosh hashannah no less of all days, i am furious at jews. not all jews, bet let’s start with this… i’m watching a documentary on trio! […]

i’ve decided that it’s finally time for a new bike. the last bike i bought was my lemond zurich when i moved here 4 years ago. (and i’ve ridden it what, 8 times?) so i’ve decided that my next bicycle purchase should be something that i’d ride alot. i know it sounds crazy since i […]

recombinant phrenology. if you haven’t read wired 11.09, you should. from cover to cover.

and i mean that in the best possible way. i used to read wired fairly religiously. i even have the very first issue lying in a box somewhere. but when i started doing smaller, wired got tired. i was way ahead of their curve and the stories were starting to bore me. eventually i found […]