been caught stealin, once


when i was 11, actually. but this isn’t about that kind of stealing. it’s about what the riaa and mpaa call stealing. a blog entry about file sharing? no way! yah, i know, but it’s not a rant i swear!

i was reading in wired about how this firm BayTSP monitors popular files on p2p networks and they noticed that Shaolin Soccer was blowing up in the US. there was all kinds of buzz about it in magazines and on the web, but it wasn’t playing in a good chunk of the US. Miramax got their hands on the numbers, but instead of jumping to give the movie wider distribution, they’ve kept the release on hold while complaining about people downloading the movie. did i really i expect miramax to wake and be all “oh geez, maybe there’s a demand for this now”? nope

instead the article reminded me that there’s a bunch of asian movies that i’ve been trying to see but either they were only here for one day or they haven’t made it here at all. but instead of looking for them on the usual p2p networks, i decided to finally give bit torrent a try. it’s a bit harder to use than your average p2p client, but it’s so much more rewarding. first, by downloading from a swarm simultaneously, you can download huge files far more quickly. second, the monute you start downloading, you’re also uploading to others in the swarm. by the time i downloaded my first movie (the new jet li epic “hero”), i hadupload twice as much data to others seeking the same film.

my stupid morality: not that i’m justifying what i do, but the wired article is right. in the internet age, a film company can’t hold out on citizens of one country. if a film is good, everyone finds out about it around the same time. the movies i’ve been downloading are ones i’ve been hearing about, but that i haven’t been able to see in theatres. i also feel good about helping others to get the same movie while i’m downloading. i’m serious. i feel really good about the communal swarm aspect of bit torrent. instead of “stealing” i really am “sharing.”


One Response to “been caught stealin, once”

  1. 1 Wes

    Stay where you are, someone will be by to take you into custody soon. – The MPAA


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