mouth agape


i have about 20 half finished posts waiting in a queue to be finished up and published. but this has to jump to the front of the line. on rosh hashannah no less of all days, i am furious at jews. not all jews, bet let’s start with this…

i’m watching a documentary on trio! (my second favorite network for documentaries behind the sundance channel) called “make me a match.” it’s about jewish matchmakers. it’s incredible to me the amount of prejudice these matchmakers harbor towards non-jews (goyem, shiksas, whatever). “we can’t have you marrying a shiksa. not that they’re bad girls, but they’re not good for you.” i could handle statements like this; i’m accoustomed to older jews talking this. until one 50-ish matchmaker recounts how she got into bizness when she was told by an israeli “you know all you american women worry about israel and our wars, when the real problem is in your country. it’s assimilation. it’s all this intermarriage. everybody’s becoming more gentile than jewish.”

that was it. i blew up. i remember long ago how they tried to teach us in temple that assimilation was a bad thing. that we would be giving up our jewish identity. this was back in the 70s and 80s and it wasn’t just jews whowere hearing this. white power, black pride, the strength of the (insert your culture here) people. but i thought now that cross cultuiral marriages, movie stars, and even cultures are the norm around the world, including in america, that people would realise that no one is assimilating into a single bland culture… we’re integrating. integrating our own backgrounds and upbringing, integrating what’s around us, integrating beliefs and aspects from cultures around the world that we feel work for us.

i was already on edge when this morning i read doc’s post on wesley clark. my aunt had just sent me an email about wesley and how he’s all in touch with his jewish roots (his birth father was jewish) but he could have gone to temple with me, for all i care, he’s off the list after his lackeys decided to shut down all the wesley clark supporter websites.


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