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i’ve been catching up on this american life from the past month or so while i’ve been getting my own life in order. episode #247 is called “what is this thing”, it’s all about love stories. the last “act” is sarah vowell describing the courtship and then marriage of johnny cash to june carter cash. […]

i can’t help but feel like i’m repeating myself, but i don’t care if i’ve said it before. nip/tuck is THE best thing to come to american tv, ever. better than six feet under? well, we’ll have to see how nip/tuck does next season, but so far it’s outstanding. so well done that every episode […]

where was i?


being down to only one very immobile computer, i’ve noticed i lose my place alot- mentally, not geographically. i didn’t realize how much that mobile computer meant to what i was able to accomplish. do i believe i could accomplish it with something less powerful and more portable than my laptop? yes i do, once […]

i was in seattle last week, but that’s another post. i left the ac adaptor for my laptop up there, that’s this post. it’s almost been a week without a laptop. while i was up there i scored a new ppc w/ bluetooth and wifi. the good news is that i’ve been able to browse […]

this week obsessed for hours about the new bike. i still haven’t actually purchased it, so i obsessed eric G stylee, over whether i should purchase it and if i was making the right decision about the bits i put on it. i was tech support for just about everyone i know at one point […]