the week in brief


this week obsessed for hours about the new bike. i still haven’t actually purchased it, so i obsessed eric G stylee, over whether i should purchase it and if i was making the right decision about the bits i put on it.

i was tech support for just about everyone i know at one point in time or another. it got a little hectic, but you know. it all worked out fine and i gotta help out the pals.

MacBuds finally took off this week after brian got it listed on a few mac discussion boards. so i was very busy chatting up new homos who joined and wanted to be sure things were as advertised. some of the guys are real cool, as usual, others were dull or horny. the cool thing is it’s getting popular with some good designers, so it will get a free of charge facelift. the viral nature of TrueJock is keeping it growing without much help. brian’s pal christian is supposed to give TJ a facelift, but he’s worried about competing next week, so it’s still pretty ugly.

when i took the job at the feature, i finally admitted that i my design career was over. then shortly after, i realized was never that good of a designer. sure i’m still a wiz in photoshop and illustrator, but i’m better at executing than i am at coming up with new design. i’m cool with it now. i know that i have better design sense than most, but that i don’t have the skills or innovation of a good designer. i was always better at writing, and i’m happy that i’m doing what i’m good at.

i did absolutely nothing on thursday except a little work and catching up on the tivo. it was awful and by thursday night i felt like crap. friday i felt slightly better about it when i realized i was sick on thurs but it never caught up to me.

friday night craig, nigel, and i went for a beer after kickboxin. a good time was had by all, but then nigel had to go to work so craig and i went to king of thai and had the best time. everytime i go out with craig he always impresses me.


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