where was i?


being down to only one very immobile computer, i’ve noticed i lose my place alot- mentally, not geographically. i didn’t realize how much that mobile computer meant to what i was able to accomplish. do i believe i could accomplish it with something less powerful and more portable than my laptop? yes i do, once i get a devce that has a keyboard, and once i get a way to install some apps on my ppc. i can send files from my imac to my ipaq over bluetooth, but no one uses .cabs, so i can’t actually get the software in the first place. it’s all drivin me nutz. on a related note, should i pay $40 for license to sync my new ipaq to my mac, when i know very well that i’m only gonna use it for a few months and then i’ll be onto some other device? sadly the license for mac syncing is by device serial number, so it can’t be transferred when u ditch one pocket pc for the next model.


One Response to “where was i?”

  1. 1 marlof

    I don’t know which you use, Missing Sync or the new Pocket Mac, but Markspace will transfer licenses to new devices. It’s a manual process, but they’ll help you.

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