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first. what the hell is it with hypnotic? that nasty sweet bright blue concoction has been mentioned in rap songs for about a year now, but now bottles of the blue swill are showing up everywhere. advertising for this crap has been showing up in clubs for a few months, and now those sandblasted bottles […]

Holy Cow


maybe a week ago, loretta told me i should go see the station agent, that it (along with mystic river) was like the best movie of the year. you know what? she was right. the movie is not particularly about anything, except for a glimpse into 3 great characters who lead interesting lives. but the […]

no, this is not about all the new that actually fit i’ve been buying. it’s about what johnny calls a “saving spree.” recently i’ve realized i pay out a lot of monthly expenses, most i can justify (electricity, dsl, etc) and a few that are just foofy (directv, 2 different wifi services, an old gym […]

you like?


it’s redesign time here at no one special. sure, there’s a new color scheme. it’s one i’ve been thinking about for a year now. i saw it on a retro bike and fell in love. love, i tell you, but it’s not quite perfect here. i’m working on it though. in addition i’ve revived the […]

you may be saying “hey eric, where the hell are all those spunky, jealousy0inducing reviews about gadgets you used to write?” well i’ve still been writing them, lots of them. in fact i’ve done 3 pda things plus today i just posted a review of my swanky new phone. where did i post them, why […]

on tuesday i did something for the first time ever in my voting career. the mayoral race had too many candidates, there was no way any one of them could get the required 50% of the vote. so instead of voting for a mayor, you had to vote for a run-off candidate. gavin newsom would […]

rockin the vote


as i was working hard this morning it hit me, it’s the first tuesday in november, it’s election day! since we voted for statewide issues last month thanks to the recall, today’s elections are local politics only. san francisco’s mayoral race is not that different from the democratic presidential campaign. there are alot of reasonably […]