rockin the vote


as i was working hard this morning it hit me, it’s the first tuesday in november, it’s election day! since we voted for statewide issues last month thanks to the recall, today’s elections are local politics only. san francisco’s mayoral race is not that different from the democratic presidential campaign. there are alot of reasonably qualified people running. so many so, that it is unlikely we will have a winner tonight. in SF a mayoral candidate needs over 50% of the vote to be elected. with at least 5 good candidates, it’s unlikely any will get that big of a chunk. so even tho i voted, i’m sure i’ll be voting again very shortly.

tonight the politics continues as i watch the 1.5 hour rock the vote debate on CNN. the show is aimed at “18-30 year old viewers throughout the nation and around the world.” even though i’m not a part of that generation anymore, at least agewise, their concerns are closer to mine. i’m not worried about families or retirement, i’m worried about equal rights, i’m worried about our positional the global community. the candidates are parading before me on the tv screen, answering questions that i find relevant. presenting their personalities both in their responses and the 30 second clips cnn asked them to prepare. my brief take on each

howard dean: it’s no wonder all the smart people like him, he’s smart. maybe too smart. i fear shades of jimmy carter. he’s straight forward, unapologetic, and has smart ideas. but i fear he can’t present them to the average american, despite his desire to unite all the mistreated archetypes.

carol mosely braun: her political machine doesn’t seem to understand kids. she’s a good politician, obviously, but she doesn’t impress me. she’s very adult in her politics: rational, pat, and diplomatic. but i can’t see any passion in her politics, unless she talk about women, that is.

wesley clark: he made a joke about outkast in his 30 sec spot, so his campaign ppl are starting to get the kids. obviously he understands alot about the military, about military action, and even about diplomacy. but i still fear his domestic policies and knowledge. he’s not clearly against don’t ask don’t tell and i can’t really pin down where he stands on gay issues. he’s clearly progressive, but how progressive. dean, mosely braun and edwards have clearer records here.

joe lieberman: cheese ball. all he does is spout political quips. he tugs at heart strings and speaks in sound bytes, i don’t trust this guy. there are too many good candidates for this guy to be our choice.

john edwards: he’s great for middle age voters, middle class voters, but i’m not sure he gets current issues for young or single people. his southern drawl and middle class past may help him out the same way george bush’s stupidity attracted the more average of americans.

john kerry: kerry is good at appealing to young people’s optimism i like that. he also was funny and on the ball when asked a question about the sox v. yankees pennant series. which you gotta give him credit for. but he does stump a bit too much on his past stances, and not really talk about the future. he’s campaigning as the dude who has, and will take on the big guys, but so is the other john. hmmmm

al sharpton: al’s still a rabble rouser, but he’s getting better. he’s not quite as absurd as used to be, but still will he make a good leader, a leader the country, and the world can get behind? i doubt it. i still can’t trust him after his antics in the 80s and 90s. but he is a better speaker now, with better, stronger points to make.

dennis kucinich: had a rap for his 30 second spot, ani defranco stumps for him, but he’s such a mouse. he didn’t say much and i honestly can’t remember a single position of his. at the end he tried to inspire some emotion telling people to challenge the status quo. still, he’s off the radar. ugh. and he’s making some seriously big statement / promises that he clearly couldn’t make good on, even as president.

n.b. at the end dean, kerry and edwards all admitted to smokin pot. the others all said no they didn’t except for carol. she laughed and said she wasn’t going to answer.


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