unexpected results


on tuesday i did something for the first time ever in my voting career. the mayoral race had too many candidates, there was no way any one of them could get the required 50% of the vote. so instead of voting for a mayor, you had to vote for a run-off candidate. gavin newsom would get the vote from the wealthy, so i was voting for one oof 5 other candidates who could compete against gavin next month.

many people and organizations whom i thought know more than me about local politics than i said my candidate couldn’t do it, he wouldn’t get enough votes to come in second, or even if he did, he just didn’t have the oomph to go head to head against gavin. so i took the advice of these people whom i trust and instead of voting for the candidate i wanted, i voted for the one i found most bearable who they said could win.

well despite my sacrifice of scruples, others were not so weak minded. they voted with their conscience and the candidate i truly wanted, matt gonzalez, came in second and will run off against gavin. gavin has gobs of money where matt does not. i don’t know if he’ll be able to compete against gavin’s deep pockets. i don’t know if san francisco voters will come out to the polls for a third month in a row after the recall and the november elections. all i can say is just about everyone i know is a registered voter here, and they’re all planning to vote for matt too. will that be enough?


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