you like?


it’s redesign time here at no one special. sure, there’s a new color scheme. it’s one i’ve been thinking about for a year now. i saw it on a retro bike and fell in love. love, i tell you, but it’s not quite perfect here. i’m working on it though.

in addition i’ve revived the robot rollcall-you may remember it from my previous site. sadly when i moved over to typepad, i re-created, then immediately deleted it by mistake. since then it’s been empty, but no more. sorry it’s not in alphabetical order anymore. there appears to be no way to alphabetize it, i’ll send 6apart a ticket on it.

next i’m working on importing my stencil art moblog from textamerica (which i’ve grown to hate) so that all my personal blogs are in one location, leaving the feature for all my work related posts. the only problem is there’s no easy way to export all my photos from textamerica or import them into typepad. good thing there’s only 20, so doing it by hand won’t take all that long.

i’m also working on the what i’m reading / listening to / watching list i promised ages ago. i’ve been a loser about updating that.


2 Responses to “you like?”

  1. 1 Andrew

    I like the new design… looks good E.

  2. 2 marlof

    Yah. The new colors is so you. 😉

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