tightening the belt


no, this is not about all the new that actually fit i’ve been buying. it’s about what johnny calls a “saving spree.” recently i’ve realized i pay out a lot of monthly expenses, most i can justify (electricity, dsl, etc) and a few that are just foofy (directv, 2 different wifi services, an old gym membership johnny uses once a month, you get the idea), plus i think i’m paying too much for cell phone service. so i’ve been going through all my expenses to see what i can cut. it’s not that i need to cut them, just that i think they’re pretty wasteful.

so it’s led me to ask myself a few questions. back when i got my directivo, i cancelled my netflix subscription. i can rent videos real cheap half a block away and i see tons of em in the theatre anyway. plus there’s my new bittorrent infatuation, that has allowed me to download some seriously great movies, even when they aren’t available to rent here. but despite tivo freeing me from a tv schedule, i still have the tv on too much when i’m home. since most of my favorite shows are off the air, there’s only 2 or 3 left that i really care about, so i’m thinkin of just savin myself the 60 bux a month and downloading the episodes of my shows off bittorrent. who knows, maybe the mpaa will love me if i join netflix again.

i’ve now joined two wifi networks as well. zrnet for when i’m home in SF, while i maintain my t-mobile / starbucks account for when i travel and also to keep johnny in wifi. but i travel so little that i think i may just let johnny get his own wifi and use tmobile day passes when i actually leave the confines of SF with my laptop. i discuss it a bit more on the feature.

another byproduct of my new reduction in travel is that i’m spending alot of money for a national phone plan when i rarely leave my home area anymore (of course my home area is 5 states, not bad huh?) i could reduce my phone bill 20 bucks a month (or more) by switching to a local phone plan, but then i’d be screwed when i leave the west coast, of course. i guess by then cingular may even price its national plan competitvely with the other carriers and i could sign up for it again.

dropping tv, t-mobile wifi, and switching to a new calling plan would reduce wasted spending, AND it would free up enough cash to pay for health insurance too. now it sounds awfully appealing, huh?


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