no one ever said hip hop had good taste


first. what the hell is it with hypnotic? that nasty sweet bright blue concoction has been mentioned in rap songs for about a year now, but now bottles of the blue swill are showing up everywhere. advertising for this crap has been showing up in clubs for a few months, and now those sandblasted bottles with electric blue vodka inside are replacing the infamous bling bling chalices in rap videos. why, i ask you, why? why? not that i liked the 14k gold and rhinestine chalices, just that i can’t fathom how anyone could like hypnotic. it tastes like crappy vodka and blue koolaid punch from a frat house party. seriously. i’ve tried it, it’s awful. you know i dig the sweet stuff, and i’m not particularly offended by the foofie drinks, but this stuff is just pure shite. so why is every rap star from missy elliot to ludacris to chingy talkin about it?

the other trend i’ve noticed in hip hop is the quest for ever more expensive cars, or at least talking about them. in the past 6 months, the upper crust of rap has started talkin maybachs. but talkin is all they’ve managed to do. there’s never maybachs in videos. i guess you can’t rent one for a shoot. i also suspect that the waiting list for one is long enough that if the rapperati have only recently discovered them, those who can afford maybachs will still have to wait a while before they can own one.

i’d also like to point out that east coast and west coast hiphoppers, along with some of the more innovative southern acts, are dressing a helluva lot better. snoop, jay-z, missy, lil kim, outkast, and yes puffy are all sportin some damn nice threads. the midwest and the rest of the drrty south however, are still hopelessly, well, gross.


One Response to “no one ever said hip hop had good taste”

  1. 1 Andrew

    I dont know about the Maybachs but i have seen 3 Rolls Phantoms in the last month. at 320K thats a pretty expensive ride.

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