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more pics


while i don’t have all of them, today i salvaged all the old stencil and graf pictures that i could from my old moblog. it turns out that i still had a few of the pictures because i took them with my camera, not my phone. so go one over and enjoy. i’m also workin […]

i’m receiving emails, ims and messages with christmas wishes and thoughts. thank you, and here is mine in return. i have had plenty of time to think about one on the approach to this holiday season. this year, i wish nothing for myself. i have too much. don’t worry about good presents, you already know […]

death by audio


i swear that the coldplay song “clocks” will drive me to suicide one day. that syupid friggin chorus is in every other commercial or tv show now. i hated it as a song, i hate it even more as a soundbyte. it is the most depressing 10 seconds of music being played now. i would […]

stir crazy


i guess i’ll be workin out an awful lot the next few weeks, because i’m in town and unbeknownst to me, i’m on vacation! woo hoo! i’ll probably be bloggin alot too. maybe even helpin pete out while he goes to visit the fam. i’m gonna try to do lots of other good stuff too. […]

sure V for Vendetta is one of my favorite graphic novels, but i never considered myself an anarchist- until today. Warren Ellis, comic book author extraordinaire, has a great blog he calls die, puny humans which, i mean, you gotta love for the name alone. anyhow warren asked like 20 of his closest smartest friends […]

perry has been workin on the levi’s account (redesigning corp headquarters and such) for so long that he’s practically an emplyee there- like i was at microsoft. and he gets some of the same advantages. for christmas, perry got me two pairs of jeans that he got from the sample sale. one was a some […]

last night was the christmas party extravaganza. if i wanted to i could probably have gone to 5. instead i choose just 2: dave and monty’s, which i couldn’t misss and tamara and stuart’s. dave and monty hosted the usual suspects plus dave’s family for a little get together. it was great to see everyone. […]