notes from the apocalypse


i have a million little thoughts running through my head, i’ve got to get a few of the down quickly

watching people who have WAY too much crap throw out all their stuff is kinda satisfying. i’m not much of one to hold on to shit, so i kinda get an evil thrill out of watching people suffer when the finally have to clear their crap out. i’ve been trying to continually clear more crap out myself in perperation for a possible move. it’s continually liberating.

i have too many sweaters and too many shoes. but getting rid of any of them is difficult now. i’ve tossed all the old crap and still own too much. i’m workin on that one.

despite my fancy new smartphone, i’m at the point where i wonder why i have a pocket and a fancy smartphone when a hiptop would probably work out pretty well for all my needs. rumor has it the next model will have a camera built in. if that’s true, i may be ready to ditch cingular and see how the hiptop works out for me.

all these people i know are getting new computers and new rides, i’m a bit jealous.

last night nigel got me in to see a movie, alright a boring movie- matchstick men, at the most amazing theatre in the world. it was the screening room at ilm and all i can say is man is that dee luxe. it’s like 200 awesome plush seats that recline way back. the amazing part is it has the BEST SOUND EVER. nigel says they use it to screen thx, i’d believe it. i’ve never heard such crisp sound in a theatre in my life. i hope i get to go back.

after months of subtle cajolin, pete and kat and a few others have slowly convinced me to buy pants that fit, or at least fit a little better. but my boxers were all so equally oversized that i have to buy new skivvies just so that they didn’t spill out of all my fancy new pants.


3 Responses to “notes from the apocalypse”

  1. 1 Craig

    As for signs of the apocalypse, did you catch the Klitschko fight? He won by 2nd round KO! Next stop is a rematch with Lennox Lewis for the title. The best golfer in the world is black and our next heavyweight champ may be white…cancel your homeowner’s insurance, WE’RE ALL DOOMED!!!

  2. 2 johnny

    The last paragraph of this post, which begins “After much subtle cajolin,” merely reaffirms the obvious, which is that Eric is the ichiban hella raddest dude on the fucking planet.

  3. 3 Andrew

    Fuckin-a ichiban Right.

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