mack could have danced all night


last night was the christmas party extravaganza. if i wanted to i could probably have gone to 5. instead i choose just 2: dave and monty’s, which i couldn’t misss and tamara and stuart’s.

dave and monty hosted the usual suspects plus dave’s family for a little get together. it was great to see everyone. liz and desi were just in brazil and had lots of cool stuff to talk about. kathy and shannon brought their little boy oliver, who was quiet, but still the center of attention. and everyone else had news to share from the past few months. it was like a family dinner. all we did was catch up and have a few laughs. not that there’s anything wrong with that.

i was a bit nervous when tamara sent me an invitation to her party. tams and i got along so well while she and x were married, but we had lost touch and clammed up during x’s sex change and the divorce. i did my best to take x’s side during those harsh years and i expected tamara would not really want to be around me anymore, although she knew bobby and i still hung out from time to time. so i was understandably surprised and a bit timid about the evite to her and her new boyfriend’s (now fiancee’s) party. but bobby kept talking up the party to me, and with the promise of good food and getting to spend a little time with him and kim, i hopped a cab from the tikipad over to potrero hill to see tamara’s new home.

tams and stu went all out so there was even a valet there to open the cab door for me as i arrived. i got there just as all the parents with young children were leaving, which was good timing. this was a promising start. inside i felt a bit out of place. the first thing i noticed was that all of the men, even the apparently fit ones were wearing pleated pants. it was a freakish time warp, and the first thing i commented on to kim. but soon after my bad start, it got good. stuart is a nice guy and i have never seen tamara so happy, that alone would have been worth the trip. but i also got to catch up with other friends in the tamara / alex circle. and as an ego boost, this cute dude cruised me all night. i finally introduced myself to him just before we left.

i got home and wasn’t really tired, so i turned on some late night tv in hopes of boring myself to sleep. but the wind started to pick up in an ominous way. i jumped off the couch and closed all the windows. i knew what was coming. for the next to hours mac paced around the house as a gale hit SF. the wind howled and blew. the rain beat against every wall and window. the only way i could calm mack down enough was to finally retire to bed around 2 or so. but the wind kept blowing and my book was good, so as mack slept under the covers, i was wide awake, reading until the wee hours of the morning. i’m nearly done with the da vinci code now. it’s a fun read, but we’re not exactly talking literature here.


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