anarchy? really?


sure V for Vendetta is one of my favorite graphic novels, but i never considered myself an anarchist- until today. Warren Ellis, comic book author extraordinaire, has a great blog he calls die, puny humans which, i mean, you gotta love for the name alone. anyhow warren asked like 20 of his closest smartest friends to say something about next year. and there, joi called himself, called all of us in the joi continuum, goof-ball anarchists.

you know what? he’s right. i don’t take my government for granted, but i don’t blindly accept their decisions either. and yes, when we disagree with those decisions, we do something about it. joi has the power to do more about than many of the rest of us (tho lawrence is practically tied for first place), but that doesn’t make me any more of a sheep than him or anyone else in this circle. we are all united by a mistrust of authority, especially an uninformed authority. in the end i don’t think anarchy or mob rule is the answer, but allowing things to continue the way they are is not the answer either.

i’m just proud to know these people, and proud that they fight from inside the system, where i think they can do the most good.


2 Responses to “anarchy? really?”

  1. I like your instincts! Happy new year!

  2. it’s obvious uncle william doesn’t understand what i’m trying to say here, but i’m leaving his comment up anyway, just so everyone will visit his blog to see how we don’t really see eye to eye.

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