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tv ads


being on a tight budget has meant i’ve watched alot more live tv lately. and watching live tv means watching commercials. two commercials stand out in my mind. there’s tons of dreck out there. TONS of it, as usual. but amidst the dreck, the best and the worst are so far away from the mediocre […]

que bella


yesterday the bike of my dreams drove by. i didn’t know what it was except that it was obviously a new model and obviously a ducati. it didn’t have much fairing, but just enough to make the front end and windshield look natural, not out of place. i got home and checked out the ducati […]

dweezil zappa and lisa loeb have a “cooking” show on food tv- never mind the show though. see, as if dweezil and lisa weren’t already cute in their own right, it turns out they’re a couple. and somehow, when you thought they couldn’t get any cuter, when they’re together their cuteness somehow grows exponentially. it’s […]

moving forward


this was a good weekend. with jim’s help and a couple of bucks in parts, we were able to completely fix the VTR in a matter of about an hour. which is pretty damn good considering scuderia couldn’t fix it in a month. so now the bike is back to 100% and i have lots […]

it happened again. i don’t have many friends left who still have fathers. i might be able to count the close pals with dads on one hand, i never tried. i can think of 4 ofhand: eric g, johhny, matt and brian. i’m sure i’m missing some, but the pals without dads are on the […]

not that far past, mind you. but some kid has posted what was probably one of my favorite beautiful stories for ugly children- the one about the drunk clowns. take a walk through one of the coolest indy comics from the earliy 90s- until who ever bought the rights to piranha press gets cranky.

f*ing california. i’m not a west coaster, i’m a natural californian. though i was never comfortable in the northwest, i’ve always felt at home here in san francisco. the longer i stay here, the more i like it, but also the more i become like the california stereotype. i am about to admit something totally […]