not my baby daddy


it happened again. i don’t have many friends left who still have fathers. i might be able to count the close pals with dads on one hand, i never tried. i can think of 4 ofhand: eric g, johhny, matt and brian. i’m sure i’m missing some, but the pals without dads are on the heavy side and their numbers are growing.

this is a strange way to introduce someone new, but i never really knew what to say about him before. here’s the deal. there’s this kid, mike. he and i have really clicked, but mostly online. he lives here, but he really hasn’t been here since we met. i dunno if he’ll join the ranks of the awesome pals, or if maybe somethin more will happen. either way i’m sure i’ll know him for a long time.

the kid and i email and im regularly while he’s out of town. last week he went awol. there were some family health problems he had told me about, so i just assumed that something bad happen and he didn’t have the time to tell me. i missed him when we couldn’t chat, and the longer he was missing, the worse my fears became. today he finally popped up on im. and came right out and told me that his dad died. the weird part was his dad wasn’t any of the people in trouble. he was somewhore tending to the kid’s grandpa who was ill and had some accident. i don’t know the details. and now he joins our ranks of the world without dads.

since mine was the first to go, i feel like the leader of the dad-free world, or the ambassador at least. my pop and i never really got along, so it was never the loss for me that it was for some of the pals. but it still happened to me, and i still remember how it feels. now the pain of pals hurting is far greater than any pain i might have for my own loss. i’m sorry kid. i remember how it feels and it sucks.


One Response to “not my baby daddy”

  1. 1 MoM

    I lost mine in 77… I was young. But I could never be the man I am today without my Mom. She deserves all the credit.

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