moving forward


this was a good weekend. with jim’s help and a couple of bucks in parts, we were able to completely fix the VTR in a matter of about an hour. which is pretty damn good considering scuderia couldn’t fix it in a month. so now the bike is back to 100% and i have lots of insurance money left over which i’m going to sink into upgrades like new suspension and hopefully new exhaust too. the paint job has shifted to the bottom of the list, but i should get the tank touched up

in the midst of all this i went apartment hunting. i found the best deal in the city and got really excited about it. it’s a full one bedroom with lots of windows, a big kitchen and all the good stuff for less than most studios. it’s also dog friendly. i got really excited about the place and immediately, well i immediately went to kickboxing after seeing it. but then i immediately went home and put together all the reference they needed and emailed it off. sunday night i got a tentative thumbs up from them. monday i got a call that the place was mine.

for the first time ever, mack was an asset. the landlord (who has a dog and lives in the building) told me i was the only one with good references who actually owned a dog, and that’s why i got the place. can you believe it?

the apartment is rear of the building, garden flat a block from haight st, right by haight / ashbury. i never in a million years thought i would be able to live around there without murdering people, but since this place is up the hill from haight st, the lazy stoners don’t really make it up to my block. phew. plus it’s really close to the panhandle and buena vista park for mac, and fewer hills to climb when i ride my bicycle around town. all in all i’m psyched. i’ll move in march first but i get the keys earlier to paint and shit.


2 Responses to “moving forward”

  1. 1 Justin

    “for the first time ever, mack was an asset.”

    Poor Mack is just like Rodney Dangerfield – he don’t get no respect =)

  2. 2 johnny

    it may be DOG friendly… but is it 420 FRIENDLY?

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