tv ads


being on a tight budget has meant i’ve watched alot more live tv lately. and watching live tv means watching commercials. two commercials stand out in my mind. there’s tons of dreck out there. TONS of it, as usual. but amidst the dreck, the best and the worst are so far away from the mediocre masses that both stand out. i saw the worst one first. it’s so bad i swore it was a joke commercial and that at the end the real product would be revealed, or the url would be for a new movie or something. but no. the commercial for the fridge pig seems to be without irony despite it’s retro references, unlikely depictions and cheesy approach. if there was even the slightest indication of irony, this commercial would join the next for my tops list.

the best commercial i’ve seen in ages is the new IBM “linux is working” commercial. instead of boring people with facts or figures or TLAs, ibm uses a fable about an orphan who was never adopted by one family but was eventually adopted by the whole villiage (though here they say the whole world). the message and the analogy are clear. sonce no one owns linux anyone, everyone can adopt it. they’re right. i’m not a linux user, but i have nothing against it. in light of SCA’s lawsuit against IBM over linux, i think the commercial is rad. no matter how much they sue, sca does not own linux. this commercial illustrates the fact perfect. it creates a positive emotion around linux without being geeky or by claiming superiority. i love it.


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