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today is grey tuesday, but i’m not making my blog grey for one day- none of you will even visit it today anyway. however i am participating in my own little way. here’s the deal: dj dangermouse did this awesome mash up of songs from the beatles’ white album with tracks of jay-z’s new black […]

when i was young, the first super hero on tv i fell in love with was probably captain america. lou ferigno as the hulk was over the top, and guy who played peter parker, couldn’t even fill out his spandex suit. but the dude who played steve rogers in the 2 mini series back in […]

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i’m dying. i got my new ibook today but instead of packing it full of software and tweaking it and doing all the things i *should* i’m totally ADDing on two things bubble chamber doesn’t take much work, just click the screen every once in a while and which the pattern unfurl. grow is much […]

not since “things my girlfriend and i have argued about” have i laughed so hard. the 213 things skippy is no longer allowed to do in the u.s. army, courtesy of the fine folks at metafilter.

i am so proud to live here. back in november and december, we were all worried that gavin newsom was too conservative or centrist, of a democrat for san francisco. boy were we wrong. 30 days after taking office he says “you know what, i think that california’s defense of marriage proposition is unconstitutional. gay […]

a good afternoon of workin my ass off kickboxing had finally conquered my valentine’s day malaise. an hour of kicking and punching and then a nice salad and cup of coffee while reading shitty bike had restored my usual good disposition. about a block from home i see SV guy gettin out of his car […]



i hate the winter. not because it rains. not because it’s colder. not because i miss the snow. i hate winter because winter is full of all the holidays where you’re supposed to be with your mate. and since i don’t have one, i’m constantly reminded by the media and by watching the other residents […]