batman utility belts


people, please, dear god. i love gadgets as much as the next person, but if you have too many gadgets or the ones you carry are too big, that is no reason to wear them hanging off your belt. you don’t look cool. you don’t look like batman. you don’t even look geek-chic. just geek. though i find it abhorrent, i might tolerate the utility belt look on true nerds- people who obviously can’t dress can wear their gadgets on the outside with a sort of peaceful oblivion. but if you can pick out decent clothes for yourself, you should know better. this especially goes for the chick in the suede skirt i saw at zeitgeist with the treo 300 hanging off her waist.

if, for some awful reason you have too many gadgets, or they’re too big, or your pants are too skinny and you can’t fit your toys in your pockets, you either need to rethink your gadget strategy or you need to get a bag. sell off some of your gadgets and buy smaller ones or even merged devices that do more than one thing. decide what’s critical and what you can leave at home. and if for some reason you still have more than you can fit in your pockets then for chrissake buy yourself a good lookin bag and carry your crap in that.

and while we’re on the subject of bags. no able-bodied grown man should ever, ever, EVER use one of those microscopic rolly bags for laptops. your laptop and crap cannot weigh more than 12 pounds. if you can’t carry that with handles or over your shoulder, you’re an embarrassment to your sex. and since it always seems like guys with suits are the ones who “carry” these. dudes, they don’t make you look business like. they look cheap, and you look weak. spend the money on a really sweet shoulder bag that fits your laptop instead. pt found one at louis vuitton.


4 Responses to “batman utility belts”

  1. 1 marlof

    you are so unbelievably right that it hurts. i am a pocket stuffer myself. belt dangling is so passe, it’s all about bulging pockets these days. 🙂

  2. 2 Andrew

    Lets round up all the Belt Danglers and ship them off to somewhere else!! I agree whole heartedly I usually leave my house with no more than 2 phones and my ipaq 4150…. All in my pockets… I look like i have a rubiks cube in my pocket. Any way… my problem is to get one converged device that i would like to carry. I love my p900, but not its operating system. I love my i600 smartphone for its speed 1xrtt but not the 2002 software. I love my HTC voyager with 2003 but hate the batterylife. these are my dilemmas… at least i have picked a PDA 🙂 Now bags on the oher hand are my problems. I need to have multiple bags for multiple uses. I have been using a lowepro Linx 320 the last two trips i have made. It is small emough for my sony tr1a and 3-4 phones and other stuff like chargers. ipod etc… Now i have to fing either a good shoulder bag or beltpack for my d100 with 3 lenses for my euro2004 trip… i want to travel really light and not have to rely on a back pck which i already have. I will need my hands free to fight all those rowdy Dutch soccer hooligans!! 🙂 So my list of essentials are

    Nikon D100 with MB-100 Grip, 80-200 F2.8, 24-120 3.5 VR amd 18-35 f2.8 lenses, Ipaq 4150, Canon SD10. p900, htc voyager, ipod and Sony pcr110 Bt dv cam… I know i know.. its alot of crap… But this really is me being EXTREMELY minimalistic. So now it Quest for Bag.

  3. 3 Andrew

    Maybe we can go on a bag hunt in SF at the end of the moht.. whaddy think E.?

  4. 4 eric L

    yay! i love bag hunts. buti have to warn you that if you’re going to shlep that much stuff around, i have to recommend a backpack. a bag over one shoulder gets mighty uncomfortable when glavanting all over europe day after day. although there are some nice hipbags. bigger than fanny packs and more technical looking. but it’s hard to look cool with one. maybe there’s something out there.

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