clean dogs


i always thought mac’s coat was just coarser than most other pointers. when i would pet him his fur felt rough- like sandpaper compared to other dogs in the parks. mack sheds a ton, and when i’d pet him sometimes, all this hair would come lose. i finally got so tired of petting him and coming away with handfuls of hair, that i went lookin for a dog brush about a month ago.

you don’t actually buy dog brushes for short haired dogs, you buy curry combs, which are basically dog brushes with rubber tines instead of metal ones. the rubber is sticky enough that it grabs lose hair, metal would just run right through. usually curry combs are actually mitts with the rubber comb part sewn into the palm, or just look like a rubber bar of soap with teeth. but kong, ingenious creators of indestructable dog toys came out with a curry comb called a zoom groom or something like that. it’s totally ergonomic, and works amazing. plus it’s all rubber, so it doesn’t get stinky when i use it while givin mack a bath.

for the first two weeks, the thing pulled huge amounts of hair off mack everytime i brushed him. so much so that i could only brush him outside. so i took the gadget with me to the dog park every day. after a week or two, not that much hair was coming out anymore. i keep on brushing him, butvirtually nothing comes off him anymore. sure it’s nice to pet mack and not get a ton of dog hair all over me, but it’s even nicer that now when i pet mack he feels just a smooth and sleek as all those other short haired dogs. yesterday i gave him a bath too, so now he’s smooth and clean. my dog’s ready for his big date now.


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