join the gay army


i am so proud to live here. back in november and december, we were all worried that gavin newsom was too conservative or centrist, of a democrat for san francisco. boy were we wrong. 30 days after taking office he says “you know what, i think that california’s defense of marriage proposition is unconstitutional. gay couples can get married here.” he deputized a bunch of city employees, they slightly rewrote the wedding procedure and after 4 days of nonstop ceremonies, they’ve married 2500 couples. tomorrow preliminary hearings start on the case. we’ll see if an injunction is issued and the city has to stop performing the marriages.

many conservative and even moderate americans (55-60%) according to surveys are against gay marriage, and the looming threat of gay marriage being legalized in massachusetts already had them riled up. i’ve spent alot of time online recently defending gay marriage. now gavin steps in and takes the heat off mass, and gets the conservative end of the anti gay marriage crowd even more riled up. now i’m spending even more time defending my right to love and marry.

the conservatives are so riled up that the president is proposing an ammendment to the constitution to stop gay marriage. i cannot believe that i live in a country where i might be less of a person, legally. it’s like bringing back the “slaves only count as half a person in the census” clauses. if any moves are honestly made to actually changes the laws of this country to give gays less rights than other taxpaying citizens, there will be riots. i don’t think people realize we populate the military of this country, or that we have brothers and sisters in law enforcement. we know how to fight, some with our hands, some with guns, some with their mouths, but we all know what it takes to get the job done.

but we have to get organized. we can’t just have chaos and anarchy when we fight back against being treated like dogs. we must have organized assaults. plans of attacks. i’m starting by proposing non-violent protest, if that doesn’t work, then yah, it’s time to come to blows. i want an guerilla army prepared for this eventuality. if we have to fight to be treated like full adult citizens, we can’t make it happen in one day, we have to be organized, be prepared. haven’t you ever noticed that the one’s with the craftiest long-term plans always win? we need a plan.

before there’s any fights, we need to come up with peaceful protests. last year, millions of people marched for peace to protest the president invading iraq, and that didn’t do a damn thing- so marches are useless. i say we start with kiss-ins- in the white house!! lets get as many gay couples as we can to line up for white house tours, then at a given point in the tour, everyone starts kissing a same sex partner- deep and long. i mean seriously long french kissing. keep that up til the president has to stop the tours altogether, or even better, try to ban gay people from touring the white house. no matter what, that’ll piss people off.

kiss-ins or fighting for your right, either way, who’s with me?


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