super soldier serum


when i was young, the first super hero on tv i fell in love with was probably captain america. lou ferigno as the hulk was over the top, and guy who played peter parker, couldn’t even fill out his spandex suit. but the dude who played steve rogers in the 2 mini series back in 1979 was a stud. he was buff, he rode a motorcycle, and he was a good shot with that shield. not only did he look good, but the story of captain america gave me hope. i knew i was always gonna be small unless science could help me. it turns out the whole super serum is a whole meme among gay men. there are literally thousands of gay erotic stories about guys taking a pill or getting a shot or drinking something and then become huge and strong.

the day of the super soldier serum is coming closer. darpa, the same defense agency responsible for funding the development of the internet, has been funding research to develop a serum of sorts that will help soldiers function at their mental and physical peak for a few days with little to no sleep or food.

while darpa is concentrating on performance, research to help people suffering from degenerative muscle diseases like multiple sclerosis has yielded the long sought after muscle growth. insulin-like growth growth factor has been shown to double muscle size and strength in animal testing. in a few years i expect a few expensive (and probably painful) injections will finally help me get the big arms i’ve been chasing after.


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