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today is grey tuesday, but i’m not making my blog grey for one day- none of you will even visit it today anyway. however i am participating in my own little way. here’s the deal: dj dangermouse did this awesome mash up of songs from the beatles’ white album with tracks of jay-z’s new black album, the result obviously being the grey album. at first the mixes were just being passed around on the street, but then he pressed a limited run of 3000 discs. the disc got some serious acclaim from the press as high up as rolling stone. of course a mash up mix (where only 2 songs are layered and combined to make a new mix, see bastard pop for excellent examples) uses WAY more than 8 seconds of a song, so now EMI’s lawyers are all over the DJ with cease and desists and lawsuits and all that crap.

partially because mash up mixes have been enjoying underground success for a while without any legal interference, and partially just because we all know copyright and patents are so fucked up in this country anyway, grey tuesday is a support in protest of EMI’s actions. the idea? make as much as you can grey, and get as many people as possible to download the grey album for free on one day. since i know y’all are my high tech pals, this site is hosting the bittorrent tracker for the album. i’ve already finished downloading it and i will keep my stream open anytime i’m online today in case any of the seeds are shut down.

i’m pretty sure that anyone reading this has a passport, but if you live in the US and don’t have one, go get one now. whether you have one or not, get one and use it. make sure to talk to everyone you know about doing the same. i know most of you are widely traveled, otherwise we probably wouldn’t know each other. but we are in the minority. a curious web resident did some research and calculated that government statisics add up to 21% of americans have passports right now- at most. i wonder what percentage have cars. i wonder what percentage have left their home state more than twice.

dear mary is a campaign to get mary cheney, the openly lesbian daughter of vp dick cheney, to make a stand on her father and dubya’s threat to put forward an ammendment banning gay marriage. and i thought i took this whole battle personally. can you imagine if you were the gay child of dick cheney? this is kind of like that law and order SVU episode where the dad who was a researcher and advocate of ex-gay programs learned that his son was gay, eventually killing the son’s lover and nearly framing the son for it.

finally something not to do. yesterday i went to the cafe for lunch but i didn’t want coffee. so i picked up a sobe lean thinking “awesome, finally a cranberry-grapefruit sobe without sickening sweet high fructuse corn syrup.” i had a few sips and started working and eating. after i had drank half the bottle, ted called me, i couldn’t really make conversation with him but i figured it was because i was concentrating on work. and boy was i concentrating, it was great. then john called. we talked for like half an hour, but i really couldn’t say much. and i started feeling really woosy. after i hung up i got a cup of coffee to wake up but it didn’t help. i started to get kinda freaked out. so i picked up the sobe bottle to see what was in it. it’s not just sugar free, it’s full of metabolic enhancers. it’s like liquid speed. basically half a bottle of sobe lean is pretty much the equivalent of a ritalin dose. so if you have ADD and you don’t like ritalin, don’t drink that shit. on the other hand, if you need to sit in one place, not eat, not talk and work really hard on something, i guess it’s cheaper than a ritalin scrip. me, i’m staying away from it.


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