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if i knew sen. john mccain was so damn cool, i think i would have worked on his behalf during his bid for presidency. he’s one of the few voices of intellect and reason in our senate. even if he was oversimplifying the predicament, mccain asked the cable and satellite providers why he can’t order […]

ted and babs are leaving town in one month, and they’re not coming back- at least not to live here. they’re going to go back to florida for their wedding with all their stuff in tow, and stay there after they come back from their extended honeymoon. not having to pay rent in SF will […]

naughty girl


could any chick on earth be hotter than beyonce knowles? seriously folks, i’d switch teams for her. with all the hot guys on tv these days, you’d think i’d have plenty to look to keep my mind off girls, but damn, everytime she’s on mtv i can’t help but look. she’s totally the “it” girl […]

remember a few months back when an old coworker from kinkos in DC contacted me from out of the blue? well he and i still get along famously, but that’s not the point of this post. today i walked into a cafe to do some work and some guy looks up fro his computer and […]

missing you


johnny called me to say he’s all sad that i don’t blog any more. it’s true i’ve been really busy, i’ve also been really lazy, using the excuse of having too much to do to slack off on some things. it’s not very good. usually the more you fill your day with, the more time […]

cnn just showed video of madrid this evening. there was an organized “protest” for 7 pm across spain, to show the bombers that spainiards were not going to cower in fear. holy cow. the streets of madrid, especially around the capital were packed. it was a sea of humanity in the streets and sidewalks, with […]

not to make light of today’s tragedy in madrid, but fuck the ides of march, just lock yourself at home on the 11th of every month. especially one that’s a factor of 3. the media in the us has certainly made light of it. less than 24 hours later and CNN doesn’t care about spain, […]